(Chaplains Pictured Left to Right): Chaplain Dick Ross, Chaplain Jim Kelly, Chaplain Furgus Tunnell, Chaplain Louis Gordon, Chaplain Terry Martin, Chaplain Keath Baskett (Not Pictured), Chaplain Donald T. Sawyer Jr. (Not Pictured), Chaplain Tom Schuj (Not Pictured) and Chaplain Bethany Carpenter (Not Pictured). 

The Volunteer Chaplaincy Program began as an innovative approach to meeting several needs in our community of both Law Enforcement and Fire Department/EMS services to the community. Chaplains of all faiths work with local law enforcement agencies and emergency services personnel in Clovis and Curry County, New Mexico on a professional level by making themselves immediately available as trained and caring professionals who can assist in times of loss, confusion, depression, or grief to people in crisis situations. The Chaplains provide this service not only to the community, but also to all police officers, firemen and their families and may assist other city employees and their families as well when called upon for help.

The Chaplaincy Program is administered by a voluntary board of chaplain service members and coordinated by command personnel of the Clovis Police Department, Clovis Fire Department, Curry County Sheriff Office and New Mexico State Police of District 9. The Chaplain must be a minister who is credentialed by a recognized ecclesiastic body and either ordained or licensed.

There are currently nine volunteer Chaplains who participate in the program. They are provided with necessary training and resources in return for hundreds of hours of volunteer service. They are indeed a great and much appreciated asset to law enforcement and emergency services agencies in the area.