The current starting pay for an uncertified officer is $14.00 an hour (approximately $29,120.00 annually, including the 11 paid holidays). Certified officers from other agencies receive credit for their years of service and compensation is dependant on the current contract. After an uncertified officer receives their New Mexico Certification as a Police Officer, their pay is increased to $15.00 an hour. Once a newly certified Officer completes the 18 months probation, the Officer's pay is increased to $17.41 an hour (approximately $38,476.00 annually, including the 11 paid holidays). After 18 months with the Department, a Probationary Police Officer becomes a Police Officer and may receive periodic increases thereafter, subject to contract agreement with the city at the time. Police Officers top out at $20.19 per hour or approximately $44,619.90 annually. The next position level is Master Police Officer level upon completion of necessary criteria, that also includes contract agreed increases. Master Police Officers currently top out at $24.04 per hour, or approximately $53,128.40 annually. There are future competitive opportunities for promotion and increase in pay to the supervisory and management ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant and Division Captain, based upon requirements of service time and professional development education and training.

APPENDIX A - CPOA Contract - 2014

Pay Range Pay Plan



Police Officer  $17.41←← ←                                             →→→$20.19

Master Police  $20.19←← ←                                            →→→$24.04


Lateral Hires Placement on Police Officer Range Pay Plan

2-4 Years experience will be placed at 3% above Entry Rate

5-9 Years experience will be placed at 6% above Entry Rate

10 Years experience and over will be placed at 9% above Entry Rate

Pay Range Plan Format

Master Police Officer status is for tested specialized units such as Canine (K-9) Handler, Traffic, Detectives, School Resource Liaison and Community Relations Officer; Officers that have obtained at least 5 years service as a Clovis Police Officer; Lateral Hires that have less than 10 years experience and at least 4 years service as Clovis Police Officers; Lateral Hires with 10 years or more experience and at least 2 years service as Clovis Police Officers; and must pass the written department Master Police Officer General Knowledge Test.

Other Benefits

A full package of benefits is available upon employment including medical, dental, vision and life insurance, a Tier 2 30 year Municipal Police Plan 5 Public Employees Retirement Association Retirement Pension Program that pays 90% of the highest 5 years average salary at 30 years of service credit (New Officers Hired After July 1, 2013), ICMA 457 Retirement Program, sick leave, vacation leave, Comp time, 11 paid Holidays per year and long-term and short-term disability.

The Department furnishes the Officer with their uniforms, leather gear, sidearm, longarms, defensive weapons and assigns a fully equipped take-home police car. After the first year, the Officer is afforded a substantial yearly clothing allowance to maintain the uniform.

Opportunity for Specialized Duty Assignments to Traffic Unit, Canine Unit, Criminal Investigations, Narcotics,  Special Weapons & Tactics Team (SWAT), Community Relations Officer, School Liaison Officer and Field Training Officer positions.

The Clovis Police Department also offers monthly incentive pay bonuses dependent upon completion of criteria set forth for each individual incentive.

Special Incentives For:

Advanced Police Officer Certifications    up to     $116.80 per month                               (Depending Upon Level of Certification)

Spanish Language Fluency                                $50.00 per month

Instructor Certification                                        $50.00 per month

SWAT Team                                                     $50.00 per month

Voluntary Physical Fitness                                 $25.00 per month

Field Training Officer                                          $80.00 per month

Contact the Training and Recruiting Division of the Clovis Police Department at (575) 763-9413 for more information.