Release Date:  12/07/2013

Incident Type:  Suspect Eric Gutierrez Arrested By Clovis SWAT Team Following A Several Hour Standoff in Clovis After Shooting At Clovis Police Officers

Contact Person:  Captain Patrick Whitney, 575-763-9436

Clovis, NM – December 07, 2013 – On December 07, 2013 at approximately 5:37 am, Clovis Police were dispatched to 320 Hinkle Street in Clovis in reference to a “Remove Intoxicated Violent Subject” call. The caller stated his son, 30 year-old Eric Gutierrez, was intoxicated and being violent and they wanted him removed from the residence. The caller had already left the home and met Officers at another location a few blocks away.

Upon arrival of Clovis Police Officers and the father at 320 Hinkle Street, the father went in with Officers to have Eric Gutierrez removed. Clovis Police knocked on Eric Gutierrez’s bedroom door and announced their presence and asked him to come to the door. Eric Gutierrez yelled back through the door to give him a minute. Within seconds, Eric Gutierrez fired several bullets from a gun through the bedroom door at Officers. Nobody was hit by any of the bullets. Officers drew their weapons and commanded Gutierrez to drop his gun. Gutierrez opened the door and looked at Officers briefly before shutting the door. The Officers backed out of the home with the father and set-up a perimeter to contain Eric Gutierrez in the house.

Because Eric Gutierrez was armed with a firearm and just shot at police officers, the Clovis Police SWAT Team was deployed along with the Clovis Police Crisis Negotiation Team. A Clovis Police Crisis Negotiator attempted for several hours by phone and loud speaker to talk Eric Gutierrez into surrendering himself. Eric Gutierrez refused, demanding Officers come in and get him. A few minutes after the Clovis Police SWAT Team breached the front door for an impending entry; Eric Gutierrez walked out the front door and surrendered himself without incident to the Clovis Police SWAT Officers deployed around the home.

Eric Gutierrez was placed under arrest for 1 count of Felony Attempted Murder, 2 counts of Felony Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Police Officer, 1 count of Felony Aggravated Assault Against a Household Member, 1 count of Felony Shooting At or From a Dwelling and 1 count of Felon in Possession of a Firearm and transported to the Clovis Police Department for questioning by Clovis Police Detectives. As of the time of this press release Clovis Police are still actively searching and processing the home for evidence.

No further comment will be made on this arrest until Monday. A past booking photo of Mr. Gutierrez has been attached to this press release.